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      1. 關于蘋果訂閱模式


      2.如何訂閱 《胡潤百富》iPad 雜志

      如果您已經訂閱過《胡潤百富》iPad 雜志,在您重新安裝《胡潤百富》應用后,可以恢復訂閱。在“書架”頁面,點擊右上角的設置按鈕(齒輪圖標),點擊“回復全部購買”, 之后在按照提示進行帳號的登錄操作,成功后將回復已訂閱的雜志。

      蘋果公司將App Store訂閱功能設計為自動續費訂閱,除非用戶手動在iTunes賬戶設置中停止自動續訂,否則訂閱期結束時將自動刷新,用戶賬戶也會被自動扣除相關費用,敬請用戶留意。要停止自動續訂,請在訂閱到期前24小時以上手動設置取消。

      附:手動取消訂閱設置方法:打開iPad的“設置”→ “Store”, 登錄您的帳號或查看底部的Apple ID, 找到 “訂
      閱”→ “管理”,即可取消相應的自動續訂。注意:已扣費生效的訂閱將無法取消和獲得退款。


      1. 我何時可以下載到最新的雜志?

      iPad版雜志在 每月8日 上架。

      iPad版雜志結合使用者直覺設計,操作簡單,同時有不同的操作符號和提示符號,遇到的話就點點看吧。具體參考雜志中的“使用指南 How to Use”。

      可以刪除。刪除方法如下:在 “書架”頁面,點擊右上角的設置按鈕(齒輪圖標),點擊“刪除雜志”按鈕,根據提示操作即可。對于您已經購買的iPad雜志,我們會為您在服務器上保留,您可以再次下載。

      可以設置自動刪除:在“書架”頁面,點擊右上角的設置按鈕(齒輪圖標),點擊“自動刪除”按鈕,根據提示操作即可。自動刪除功能將自動刪除您最近下載的10本期刊之前的期刊(包括試閱版)。對于您已經購買的  付費版iPad雜志,我們會為您在服務器上保留,您可以再次下載。

      如果您收到有關《胡潤百富》應用更新的消息,您可以到APP Store 的“更新”頁面找到《胡潤百富》 應用,點擊“更新”按鈕。

      您可以發送郵件到info@hurun.net, 把問題反饋給我們,我們會通過電子郵件的方式及時給予解答。


      This website does not share personal information with third parties or store any information about your visit other than to analyze and optimize your content and reading experience through the use of cookies. You can turn off the use of cookies at anytime by changing your browser’s settings.

      We are not responsible for republished content from this blog on other blogs or websites with or without our permission.

      This privacy policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated on May 6, 2014. If you have any questions feel free to contact Hurun Report directly at editor@hurun.net.


      “Hurun Report” iPad magazine

      1. Regarding Apple’s subscription model
      According to Apple’s automatic subscription renewal provisions subscription billing functions are in accordance with the time period, rather than the number of magazines. After the order is completed, you will have within one year of from the subscription date, permission to download published copies of the magazine (including additional subscriptions in force at the time, along with the latest magazines on the shelves).

      2. How to restore the Subscription
      Click the” bookshelf” Subscribe Now button at the top of the page, and then follow the prompts . Once you confirm the purchase, funds will be immediately deducted be deducted from the account. And the current subscriptions once entered into force, will not be refunded. For subscriptions of previously published magazine, can only be acquired through purchase of single issues.

      3. How to Subscribe “Hurun Report” iPad magazine
      If you have already subscribed to “Hurun Report” iPad magazine, when you re- installed in your “Hurun Report” application, you can restore the subscription. In the “bookshelf” page, click on the top right corner of the set up button ( gear icon ) , click on the “Reply All buy”, after the log-in operation, after succeeding follow the prompts to restore the account’s subscription to the magazine .

      4. How to cancel automatic subscription
      Apple’s App Store subscription features are designed to automatically renew a subscription, unless the user manually stops the iTunes account settings from being automatically renewed , otherwise, at the end of the subscription period, the user account will be automatically refreshed and related expenses will be automatically deducted, user please pay attention. To stop automatic renewal, please manually set it to be cancelled more than 24 hours before the subscription expires.
      Attachment: unsubscribe settings manually : Open the iPad “Settings ” → “Store”, log in to your account or view at the bottom of Apple ID, find the ” Order
      Read “→” Manage “to cancel the automatic renewal NOTE: Subscription charges in effect will not be canceled and refunded.

      5. How to bind subscription activation
      Please click on the “activation” button at the bottom of the bookshelf and enter the relevant page of the query.

      General questions

      1. When can I download the latest magazine?
      The iPad version of the magazine is published and on the shelves on the 8th monthly.

      2. How do I operate, browse content?
      The iPad version of the magazine combines an intuitive user design with simple operation, and there are different symbols and prompts, when you encounter these try them out. There is a specific magazine reference guide called “How to Use”.

      3. I downloaded a lot of magazines, but they take up a lot of space, can I delete some? After deleting will I be able to re- download them?
      They can be deleted. The deletion method is as follows: In the“bookshelf” page, click on the settings button in the upper right corner (the gear icon), click on the “Delete magazine” button, the follow the prompts given. For iPad magazines that you have purchased, we will maintain it on the server for you, and you can download it again.

      4. What if it’s too much trouble to manually remove or I often forget to delete?
      You can set it to automatically delete: In the “bookshelf” page, click on the settings button in the upper right corner (the gear icon), click on the “remove” button, then follow the prompts given. The automatic deletion feature will automatically delete journals before your 10 most recently downloaded journals (including trial versions read). As for the paid version of the iPad magazine you have purchased, we will maintain it on the server for you, and you can download it again.

      5. How do I update my “Hurun Report” app?
      If you receive a ” Hurun Report” update message, you can go to the APP Store “Update” page to find the “Hurun Report” application , and click on the “Update” button.

      6. I did not find my answers to the problems encountered in the FAQ , how can I get help ?
      You can send an e-mail to info@hurun.net, describe the issue you are encountering, and we will promptly provide answers by e-mail.

      電話:+86 (0)21 5010 5808